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Mutations associated with resistance Mutations associated with « possible resistance »
LEN L56I [1]
M66I [1]
Q67H/K/N [1,3,4,5]
K70H/N/R/S [1,2,3,4,5]
N74D/H/K/S [1,4,6]
A105T/S [4,6]
T107C/N [1,3,4,6]
LEN : lenacapavir

1/ Yant SR, Mulato A, Hansen D et al. In vitro resistance profile of GS-6207, a first-in-class picomolar HIV capsid inhibitor in clinical development as a novel long-acting antiretroviral agent. Tenth IAS Conference on HIV Science, Mexico City, Mexico, 2019. Poster TUPEA075.

2/ Molina JM Segal-Maurer S, Stellbrink HJ et al. Efficacy and safety of long-acting subcutaneous lenacapavir in phase 2/3 in heavily treatment-experienced people with HIV: week 26 results (Capella study). IAS 2021, Abstract OALX01LB02.

3/ Ogbuagu O, Segal-Maurer S, Brinson C et al. Long-Acting Lenacapavir in People With Multidrug-Resistant HIV-1: Week 52 Results (Capella Study). CROI 2022, Abstract 491.

4/ Margot N et al. Resistance analysis of long-acting Lenacapavir in highly treatment-experienced people with HIV after 52 weeks of treatment. Poster EPB240. 24th International AIDS Conference July 2022.

5/ Vanderveen L et al. Resistance analysis of long-acting lenacapavir in treatment-naïve people with HIV at 54 weeks. Poster EPB239, 24th International AIDS Conference July 2022.

6/ Margot N et al. Resistance Analysis of Long-Acting Lenacapavir in Heavily Treatment-Experienced Peoplewith HIV after 104 Weeks of Treatment. The 19th European AIDS Conference. 18–21 October 2023. Warsaw, Poland. Oral: PS8 O4.